MTF - Levels of testing

Component level testing

  • WIP
  • Test Subject - RPM packages build by koji
  • See sections Manual testing - Rpm or Multihost
  • MTF could be used for component level testing, it is not primar purpose of this project

Module level testing

  • Test Subject - Module Build (rpm packages produced by MBS and tagged by koji or Docker container created manually or by OSBS or similar service)
  • See sections Manual testing - Docker Nspawn
  • This is primar purpose of this framework
    • tagged rpm packages are not final artifacts (Module Compose should be final artifact) - for now it supply Compose level testing
    • Docker image is final build artifacts

Compose level testing

  • WIP
  • Test Subject: Module compose (done by Pungi
  • We are waiting for real module composes, what will be able to provide data about modules (modulemd files, repositories)
  • It does not exist yet.
  • There should be service for module builds on demand, not just composes for all modules together
  • MTF is prepared for Compose testing somehow
  • How to:
    • remove modulemd-url from config use COMPOSE env variable or compose-url inside config.yaml.
    • it gets all data from compose info
    • Scheduled as: MODULE=nspawn COMPOSEURL= avocado run *.py