How to Contribute

If you are interested in contributing to MTF, the best way is to report a bug or propose a new feature that interests you and submit a patch for it. We use GitHub Issues for sharing bugs and feature ideas. The MTF GitHub repository should be forked into your personal GitHub account where all work will be done. Any changes should be submitted through the pull request process. For more information on how to contibute, please read our Contributing Guidelines.

MTF is written in Python. While you do not need to be a Python expert to contribute, it would be advantageous to run through the Python tutorial if you are new to Python or programming in general.

Some knowledge of git and GitHub is useful as well. Documentation on both is available on the GitHub help page .

Contribution Checklist

  1. Make sure that you choose the appropriate upstream branch.
  2. Check your code with pylint and pyflakes
  3. Please ensure that your code follows our style guide.
  4. Please make sure that any new features are documented and that changes are reflected in existing docs.
  5. Please squash your commits and use our commit message guidelines.
  6. Make a PR!

Thank you!

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Questions? Help? Ideas? Stop by the #fedora-modularity chat channel on freenode IRC.